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​"For all divorced and divorcing parents, Raising the Kid You Love with the Ex You Hate should be required reading.  It is a masterful clinician's simple but profound guide through the minefield of divorce, and is sure to help both the parents and children caught up in this unwelcome and all-too-common drama of modern life."

Norman Rosenthal, M.D
New York Times best-selling author of Transcendence and Winter Blues

"If you are divorced, or contemplating divorce, you need this book. Drawing on decades of experience helping families, Dr. Farber's time-tested advice shows parents how to do right by their children...Follow Dr. Farber's wise and practical rules and your children will flourish after the breakup, secure in the knowledge that your love for them trumps your disappointments in the marriage."


Dr. Richard A. Warshak, author of Divorce Poison: How To Protect Your Family From Bad-mouthing and Brainwashing; and Welcome Back, Pluto: Understanding, Preventing, and Overcoming Parental Alienation


"Divorce is hard on kids , but what hurts kids even more is nasty conflict between their parents. Based on his extensive experience with children of divorce, clinical psychologist Edward Farber provides an invaluable guide through the mine field of mistakes angry ex-spouses need to avoid in co-parenting after a divorce."


Dianne L. Chambless, Ph.D.

Professor & Director of Clinical Psychology Training, University of Pennsylvania​


"Dr. Farber’s book is a must read for divorcing/divorced parents who want to insure their children’s well-being and future adjustment...Using case examples to illustrate the feelings, dilemmas and decisions that divorcing/divorced parents face, Dr. Farber provides practical child-development-enhancing strategies and prescriptions that will guide parents to facilitate their children’s emotional sturdiness and well-being over time."

Carol Weissbrod, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology & Director of Clinical Training, American University, Washington, D.C.


"Dr. Farber is that "good conscience" we'd all like to have looking over our shoulders. His light touch and solid practical advice for the divorced parent is easy to read and sure to save readers and their children from lots of anxiety and lots of legal bills. I can't wait for his next book full of guidance for other aspects of our lives as well!"

Dan Oren, M.D.,   Co-author of How to Beat Jet Lag

Psychiatrist and Medical Director,  BH Care Connecticut​

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